7 ways love is good for you

How and why is love good for me? Good question, winner!

Love makes you happy and is good for your health and well-being. It’s a scientific fact. Listed here are 7 ways love does you good. And that is no matter how it may look like.

  1. Love makes you happy and promotes your mental well-being

When you’re in love the feel-good chemical in your brain, dopamine, goes crazy. You feel extremely positive and appreciated which is the recipe for being a winner. 

  1. Love makes you more confident

We’ve already established that love is great no matter what it looks like. To prove this point, many studies have shown that love, whether it’s romantic, familial, friendship or otherwise, sparks higher self-esteem. Your sense of self-worth mounts to improved self-confidence and that is just great for everybody. Having great self-confidence will make you more open-minded and helpful - ergo, you’re a total winner!

  1. Love boosts you physically

Sweaty palms, a quickened heart rate and butterflies in your stomach. Your body reacts to love. Love gives you an urge to physically touch someone. Have you ever had the urge to almost squeeze the life out of a soft, cuddly puppy? Or pinched your baby’s cheeks so hard they become red? Love.

  1. Love eases anxiety and helps you live longer

No matter what form it comes in, love helps you make better choices and promotes safer behavior. You’ll live longer for this very simple reason.

  1. Love makes your stress level go down

Stress is becoming more and more common in today’s world. Love helps you break stress. Merely being in the presence of a loved one helps you ease up. When you’re met with positivity and caring from a loved one you stress level goes down. Even if your loved one isn’t there physically a call or a text from that person helps you.

  1. Love makes you non-judgemental

Have you ever wondered why you’re so supportive of your loved ones? It is because love makes you non-judgemental. From your partner making bold career choices to how your friend handles a work-related disagreement. You’re there to back them up. Studies show that when you’re presented with a photo of someone you love, the part of your brain responsible for judgment shuts down and suspends criticism and doubt.

  1. Love makes you smarter

It’s not enough that love helps you make better choices. It actually improves your ability to perform difficult tasks. As we’ve established above, love triggers your brains dopamine center, which boosts your cognitive skills. Your cognitive abilities are brain-based skills that you need to carry out any task from the simplest to the most complex. Love makes you a smart winner!

In conclusion: Love is for winners aka YOU.

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