8 awesome facts about boobies

Almost everyone loves boobies and with good reason. They are not only awesome to look at, but also have very essential functions. Here are 8 awesome facts about boobies.

1. Free food for babies

When a mother is breastfeeding her boobies give off a scent that babies are attracted to and that only they can smell. Awesome alert! Also, studies show that breastfeeding can have long-term benefits for moms like lowering risks of cancer.

Bonus fact: During the Renaissance, people believed that a mother’s milk was actually vaginal blood that transformed into milk as it moved from the womb to the breasts. Luckily, we know better now.

2. They are great for distracting

Not feeling your best or did you get a zit the size of a mountain overnight? Wear a low-neckline top. No one will notice a thing.

3. For most women, the left breast is bigger than the right one

They’re sisters, not twins and they change size from week to week throughout your life based on hormonal changes.

Bonus fact: 80% of women wear the wrong bra size.

4. Only human boobies are permanent

All other primates than humans grow breasts only when they are needed to nurse. Ours grow when puberty begins.

5. Most women aren’t happy with their breasts

Research published in the International Journal of Sexual Health shows that around 70% aren’t too happy about their boobies. Obviously, most men had no complaints. Which leads us to ALL BOOBIES ARE GOOD BOOBIES.

Bonus fact: Studies show that 80% of men look at your breasts when meeting you for the first time.

6. Grab them - it’s awesome!

Boob grabbing is scientifically proven to be awesome. A boob grab releases oxytocin which is the same chemical released during hugs.

7. Are you checking them?

One study revealed that 50% of women don’t check themselves for breast cancer symptoms even though breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in women. It is the second most common cancer overall so men need to check too! There were over 2 million new cases in 2018 (World Cancer Research Fund) and the earlier they are detected the better.

Breastcancer.org have a really nice guide for self-exam - have a look here, winner!

8. Nipple away

We kind of wanted to end this list on a positive note and what is more positive than a nipplegasm? Because it’s real. Some women and men can achieve orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Seriously.

Bonus fact: Lady Gaga once shared in an interview with New York Magazine that: “I don’t know if this is too much, but I can actually mentally give myself an orgasm. You know, sense memory is quite powerful.”

So that’s that. All boobies are good boobies!


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