As natural as a tiger's stripes

Most of us have them, yet they’re still perceived as flaws. We’ve been conditioned to think of stretch marks as imperfections even though they’re as natural as a tiger’s stripes. That is pretty odd.

Considering almost everyone has them - men, women and everyone in between - maybe we should start accepting their existence and put our energy into good use instead. When googling “stretch marks”, all that comes up is “how to get rid of your stretch marks”, “causes and treatments” and “how to prevent stretch marks”. Page after page, articles with the same negative outlook show we are nowhere near accepting them as natural.

It is no wonder, though, that we think of them as unnatural. When looking through a magazine, or even most of Instagram, “perfect” bodies (there’s no such thing, by the way) with no marks, rolls or flaws are all we see. Stretch marks are taboo.

We want to change that. Enter our new poster STRETCH MARKS. This poster illustrates and celebrates all your stretch marks. The pinky-red ones, the reddish-purple ones. On your thighs, boobs, arms, legs and belly. And everywhere else. We get them while pregnant, growing our muscles and simply when growing up. 90% of us have them so it’s about time we start thinking of them differently. Let’s start teaching ourselves, our friends and kids that stretch marks are as normal as a tiger’s stripes. Roar!


stretch marks poster