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Amazing photography interpreted by Kongstad Studio

The Kongstad Studio // Aristotelis Dimas collection is here!

Athens-born photographer, Aristotelis Dimas, works with analogic photos from expired home-developed films. You don’t see this kind of photography everyday as it is so easy to take digital photos with your phone nowadays. That’s why these photos are so intriguing. You can even see the small captivating imperfections that leaves you curious and wondering what the story behind them are… Combining two art forms, this collection gives more than one vibe. Organic, whimsical lines of beautiful imagery fused with our quirky signature touch.


dreamy dip

Dreamy Dip is magical. Shot in the Italian sunset at Lake Garda, this poster is here to enchant you. Known for its crystal clear water, Lake Garda in Northern Italy is a safe haven. Lemon and olive trees thrive, winds descend from the mountains and our Swimmer Guy is taking it all in. Breathe in, breathe out and take a dip in dreamy Lake Garda with us.

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car wash

Car Wash is old school spotless. Taken right around the corner from Aristotelis’ home in Milan, this poster gives you old, classical Italy. No doubt our lady will leave this car clean as ever, right? An aged car like this just needs that bit of extra love to take you out on the weekends. Picnics, parties and pleasure.

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round we go

Round We Go is a dizzy delight. Milan is known for its architectural buildings and this one you’ll find in Aristotelis’ own block. It will take you back to those joyous moments of spinning around in circles when you were a kid. Just keep spinning.

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