Exclusive collaboration with Retro Villa launching soon

We’ve been working on something really awesome. In fact, it’s something worth a winner aka YOU!

On Thursday 24th October 2019 we are launching an exclusive collaboration with interior store Retro Villa in Copenhagen. Three exclusive illustrations that portray how to be a winner - a winner’s journey within, with their loved ones and in the world - are ready to see the day of light!

As you know, we want to make you smile, think and feel like a winner because we truly believe having a mindset of a winner is life changing. It is life changing for both you, your close ones and for the world. 

On Saturday 26th October 2019 we are exhibiting the three exclusive illustrations along with some of our other work in Retro Villa and all winners are invited! We would love for you to come and see our exhibition and chat with you about the meaning behind our collaboration. Combined with a bit of shopping and browsing in some of Retro Villa's premium goods, this is an event you don’t wanna miss out on! 

The details

Retro Villa
Vennemindevej 28 st. tv.
2100 Østerbro
Saturday 26.10.2019 / 11.00-15.00

We are excited to meet you!