Guys care too

Worrying about your body is not restricted to women. Men have this insecurity as well. For decades we’ve been told that men are visual while women are intellectual. Well, men have now realized that women like to look too and that freaks them out.

It shouldn’t though, because all bodies are good bodies and that means ALL. While some like an athletic body others like a slender one. Some like lots of chest hair others like none at all.

Eating disorders and body dysmorphia are on the rise in men. One of the fastest-growing plastic surgery procedures performed on men is liposuction.

Why? Because men worry they are too fat, too thin, too hairy, too tall, too short, too… a lot of things.

Just like women, guys are being exposed to “perfect” bodies everywhere they look. Unlike women, guys haven’t historically talked about this insecurity because it makes them “unmanly”. So they just tumble with this themselves which is, you guessed it, not healthy.

Well, not anymore. We’re big fans of this new wave of openness and honesty that’s starting to emerge because when we talk about stuff that can be difficult it becomes easier to discuss over time. We might even be able to remove the subject from the “list of taboos”.

We - men, women and everyone in between - do not have to live up to some unrealistic ideal. You can feel safe knowing that none of us look alike and noone is perfect in the real world. As long as your body is healthy, nothing should stop you for conquering the world, winner!


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