How to be a winner

You’ve probably noticed that winner mentality is a central part of Kongstad Studio. We’re basically on a mission to help you feel like a winner, because when you do exactly that, you automatically become more open-minded, caring and badass. And that creates a ripple effect. 

Your winner mentality starts within yourself. It is about caring for and respecting yourself. Giving yourself the compliments you deserve, working hard and taking it slow when you need it. A winner is someone who makes a difference for themselves and someone else. You make a difference every time you light up in a smile or hold the door for someone. When you congratulate yourself and others for doing great or help when things aren’t going all that well. A simple “I’m here if you need me” or “I know you can do it!” is a winner move. 

Letting yourself sleep in when you need it, is a winner move. Wishing the sales assistant a great day when buying your groceries, is a winner move. Telling the woman with the really nice dress she looks amazing, is a winner move.

The beauty of winner mentality is that each person can have their own interpretation of it. In life, everyone can be a winner! And in our opinion, there are so many ways of being one. 

Our logo is a trophy so you are continuously reminded you are a winner for making a difference. 

Cecilie feels like a winner when biking through Copenhagen and giving other cyclists a smile. Or surrounding herself with decor that has been produced in a responsible way. Tobias feels like a winner when taking a refreshing dip in Copenhagen’s canals after a long work day or preparing a nice dinner for friends. 

Winner mentality is treating yourself and others nicely. If you meet people with love and winner energy, chances are you’ll get the same back. 

Winner mentality is important to us, because we truly believe it makes a difference. At Kongstad Studio we do this by designing products that lift your mood, working with sustainable and recycled materials and donating to and collaborating with different impactful organizations and people.