How to create your poster wall

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Are you dying to create a poster wall in your home? You’re not alone! Poster walls are awesome. They give homes life and rooms personality. It can be a little hard knowing where to begin though. So here are some tips and a “how to”-guide.


STEP 1 - Where and what’s your vibe?

First, decide where you want your poster wall and then consider what vibe you’re going for. Do you want it to bring a calmness to the room or would you like it to make a statement with posters that spark your imagination? Are you going for a soothing, fun, quirky or peaceful vibe? Or maybe a mixture? No problem!

Choose your wall and choose your vibe. You can even measure your wall if you want to be completely sure how your posters are going to look, but you don’t have to.

In this step, also consider which frames you would like. If you stick to just one type of frame that will leave a calm vibe whereas a mixture of frames will create a dynamic and make your eyes wander.


mitnavnermalene areolas poster  kodeordeter bodies og butts
Photos by @mitnavnermalene and @kodeordeter

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Areolas 50*70

Bodies A3

Butts, sand A3


STEP 2 - play around and get a good look of your art

Lay out all your posters on the floor to get a feel of how they will look on your wall. Start from the top in the middle and work your way out and down. If you haven’t bought all your posters yet you can also draw your wall on a piece of paper and then draw your sizes onto there to get a good look of what your wall is going to look like.

A good rule to remember is to have between 5 cm and 15 cm space between each poster. The bigger your wall, the larger the distance between each poster can be. In this step you should also decide if you’d like all your posters to keep a straight line or if you like them more offset.

Tip: you could also use masking tape directly on your wall to measure.

See some examples here of different sized walls and how to make them harmonious.


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Nose Talk 50*70

Repositioning Talk A3

Quiet Talk A4

Salsa Talk A4


 poster wall kongstad studio

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Boobies 50*70

Figure A4

Repositioning Talk A3

Talking to Myself A3


 poster wall kongstad studio

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Nose Talk 50*70

Repositioning Talk A3

Stretch Marks A4

Butts, white A4


poster wall kongstad studio

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Weightless 50*70

Figure A3

Femme A4


Step 3 - get them up on your wall!

Now you're ready to get out some nails! Just like before, you should start from the top in the middle and work your way out and down.

If your poster wall is placed above furniture, like your couch, a good rule is that there should be more space from your furniture to the poster wall than from the ceiling to your poster wall. That way your room will seem bigger, but don’t hang your posters too close to the ceiling, though, as that will have the opposite effect.


STEP 4 - enjoy winner!

Enjoy your new poster wall full of lively art. For more inspiration on different poster walls, check out our Instagram highlight "Poster wall" here.