Meet Photographer Aristotelis Dimas

If you’re anything like us you will love what you’re about to read. We’re getting to know the photographer behind our new collaboration a little better. Athens-born photographer, Aristotelis Dimas, works with analogic photos from expired home-developed films. You don’t see this kind of photography every day as it is so easy to take digital photos with your phone nowadays. That’s why these photos are so intriguing. You can even see the small captivating imperfections. Curious? Here you go...




You used to be quite good at skateboarding. You shattered your knee and that’s actually why you got into photography, right? Can you tell us more about that?

Yea, yea, yea. I was actually skating and getting kind of into the sponsor world (red. if you are a very talented skateboarder, brands will offer you free stuff and maybe even cash - sponsoring you. In exchange you become an ambassador for them and some of your talent and coolness essentially rubs off on their brand) and it was going all good. It was in Greece and at that age everybody was thinking that they were going to do something in skateboarding with their life so I was into that too. And yea, I was quite on it and at some point I broke my knee. But I kept joining my friends who were skateboarding and that’s when the two things started coming together. My first camera was digital, not analogue. Until I came to Italy, 90% of my photography was about skateboarding.

Awesome, so you were really inspired by sports and skateboarding?

Yea but it’s actually the only kind of photography with people in them that I feel comfortable doing. It is a block for me generally, that’s why I mostly take more landscape shots. I always saw photography as some kind of an art expression but on the other hand, personally, I express it in a more, let’s say, methodical way than the art version of it.


Okay, cool. So what would you say that you are inspired by now? Where do you find your inspiration?

It’s been a lot of years but it’s all about the golden ratio. Everything about geometry. When I do digital, which is a bit more precise and a bit easier to control, I tend to always find shapes and geometries and landscapes and these kinds of things. Patterns really get me going. The analogical part is more about documenting experiences. Analogue photography is less studied than the digital ones because all the cameras and everything that I am using is quite old.


What is your favourite thing about takings pictures?

The sound of the shutter.


Because it’s actually the moment when you capture, when the reality becomes a memory. So the better the sound is, the more you really enjoy it.

You grew up in Athens, Greece, live in Milan now and have also lived in Copenhagen for awhile. How would you say that the different cities have formed you as a person?

Huh, that’s good. So Athens gave me the DNA and the basis. Milan gave me the ambition and Copenhagen stabilised me to control my ambition.

And that kids, is how you met Ari. Explore our Pinterest for more of Ari's photography.