We've Made Our Q1 2018 Donations!

As you know, most of our posters are created with the intention of making a difference. We’re inspired by numerous positive charity organizations – the causes they support shape our design ideas. Now we’re giving back with your help!
We’ve donated 640DKK to The Danish Cancer Society and DFPA (Sex & Samfund) among other.

BOOBIES celebrates all kinds of breasts and supports The Danish Cancer Society. The design is meant to put a smile on your face and have you remember that "all boobies are good boobies" no matter the shape, size or colour. A lot of us know someone who has been or is battling breast cancer and we believe it is important to continue researching and improving treatments. Explore more of BOOBIES here


FEMME is inspired by strong, confident women and supports GirlTalk.dk who helps young girls who are having a difficult time. This topic is very talked about right now with the #metoo campaign, social media’s impact and more. We think it is super important that we help and empower young girls to be the boss of themselves. Explore more of FEMME here

Empowerment, quality of life and self-loving are the common denominators in our designs. How do you practice these things in your life?