AKB Lundtoftegade

We painted a 12 story staircase
Drinks and BerriesFist Bump
The staircase is located in a public housing residential building in the Nørrebro area of Copenhagen. Since the building is at least twice as tall as most buildings in the rest of Copenhagen a lot of people are using the common spaces and you have more people living together in the same area than what is usual for the city. For this reason we chose 'neighborhood community' as the main theme for our artworks. 
What You Tend To Will GrowWhat You Tend To Will Grow
Some of the motifs and topics of the artworks are 'a helping hand', 'lending a cup of sugar', 'having a picnic in the communal garden' and 'what you water/care for will grow'. The artworks then should function as an inspiration for any onlooker to actually go do these things and take other positive actions towards yourself and your neighborhood.
Danish television TV2 Lorry wrote an article about the entire project, you can read it here (in Danish). Fagbladet Boligen also wrote an article about the project, which can be found here (in Danish).
Helping HandHelping Hand
Lend Me Some SugarMoons
The paints we used for the project are Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified.
Big thanks to AKB Lundtoftegade and Nørrebrobyggerne for letting us contribute to the community.