Illustrations and a real life game.
Arkeon Kongstad Studio
Arkeon is a company working to revolutionize the food industry. They do this by utilizing an ancient microbe (similar to bacteria, but not really) called Archaea. By feeding the Archaea just Co2 and water they are able to create protein for human consumption. 
So essentially they create food ingredients using Co2 and water, resulting in a Co2-negative process. The protein can then be used as an ingredient in a large variety of products, for example: granola bars, meat alternatives, crackers, vitamin water or egg and dairy alternatives. 
FoodHack Summit 2023

Together with Arkeon we created illustrations used in their campaign material and a real life game presented at FoodHack Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland. The game functioned as an attention grabber and an explainer at the summit. Players were tasked with throwing Co2 balls into the stomach of Archaea which then turns it into food.
Our collaboration has also made its way to Technical Museum Vienna where several imaginary Arkeon branded food products will be part of the exhibition “Energy Transition - a race against time”. The products in the exhibition were designed by us in collaboration with Arkeon.