Danish Refugee Council

We created a print with Danish Refugee Council.
Kongstad Studio DRC Dansk Flygtningehjælp
Danish Refugee Council is a leading international NGO - one of the few with a specific expertise in forced displacement. In 40 countries across the world their 7,500 employees work to protect, advocate and build sustainable futures for refugees and other displacement-affected people and communities.
50 million women and girls are currently refugees. It is physically and mentally challenging to be a refugee and requires immense strength. We imagine it feels a bit like being in freefall - everything is in motion and life is chaotic. You have no home, perhaps you don't know where your family is, and you have no job. But perhaps there is also hope for a better future. One where you can lower your guard and shoulders - and where you can build a new life. We believe that hope is essential for everyone in a difficult situation.
All proceeds of the print directly supports Danish Refugee Council's work and give hope to refugees.
You can purchase the print here.