Label artwork for 'For Your Ice Only'
 For Your Ice Only
Decideret makes modern ciders and fruit wines with traditional methods. They don't add anything to the wine, just pure fruit. As it should be.
It is estimated that 5 million kilos of apples are wasted in Danish gardens each year, so there is certainly room for improvement. Decideret makes some of their ciders from waste apples gathered in gardens on Zealand and are thereby presenting a possible solution.
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For Your Ice Only is a barrel-aged ice-cider made from French cider varieties cultivated at Anders Kissmeyer's orchard on the island of Lilleø. The apple juice was first frozen and then cryo-concentrated to 20%. It was then fermented to an aromatic ice-cider. It spent two and a half years in an old un-topped sherry cask. This cask was earlier used for aging whisky at Spirit of Hven which gave off wonderful smoky notes.
Imagine you're sitting in an old school library room in a historic house. Brown leather furniture, fireplace is on. You look out the window on the clear blue sky. You take a sip of For Your Ice Only. It's a nice moment of stillness.
You can find For Your Ice Only here. The historic house and the library room you'll have to figure out yourself.