Families with Children with Cancer

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Families with Children with Cancer (FMKB) is a Danish NGO who works to support families where a child gets a cancer diagnosis. A portion of the children they support go through chemotherapy where a very common side effect is hair loss. Hairstyle is a big part of your identity and it is very uncommon for children and young people to be without hair, therefore the foundation wanted to offer a beanie to those affected by hair loss. A beanie that should provide mental safety and warmth in a both physical and psychological way.

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We are grateful to be FMKB’s partner on the project where we together created 11 different beanie variations to suit different age groups, genders and tastes. We contributed to the project with artwork, design, sourcing and production.

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For the more technical aspects of the beanies, they have been made in Italy with 85% recycled polyester and 15% elasthane. They have been made double-faced so there are no possible scalp irritations from stitches or labels and for a reversible look where you can decide if you are going to go with the big splash of a colorful design or something more subtle on any given day.

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You can see FMKB’s thoughts on the project here and support their work financially here.