Label artwork for 'Paisley'
Lammidia provides a clean product in the purest sense. They respect their soil and vines by working them gently and without chemicals. They do not add anything other than grapes to their wines which, maybe, sounds like the obvious way to go but it is actually quite hard to believe the additives and ingredients that are allowed to be put into wine.
If more producers and consumers dare to go down a similar path, that can have a tremendous impact on our earth; more biodiversity, cleaner and healthier products for us to eat and drink and less Co2 pollution. And don't just think about wine here; think all farming and agriculture.
The wine itself is made from 100% organic Traminer grapes and is a deliciously aromatic white wine which is low in alcohol, super dry and very fresh. When tasting the wine you may be drawn to think of jasmine, lavender and orange flowers. That's what we thought when we tried it at least and our goal was to make an artwork that represents what is inside the bottle. 
At the time of writing the wine can purchased at Unconventional WineWineYouin vino sitis, natural wine co.Wine Therapy and Mysa.