Living On A Budget

Limited edition print collection with Living On A Budget.
We launched a limited edition collection of art prints with blogger and Instagram savvy Louise Otto. Her DIY universe shows us how to live sustainably, beautifully and affordably.
The collection works as a result of merging two different universes - combining Kongstad Studio's
focus on illustration and storytelling with Louise's "living on a budget"  universe. 
Kongstad Studio Living On A Budget
Kongstad Studio Living On A Budget
The collection illustrates the story of a lifetime. Of lived life. How love begins, how life forms and becomes and then reflecting back on life. Life consists of many phases and experiences and this collection illustrates some of them. Can you recognize yourself in them?
We wanted to create a collection of illustrations that look great together and apart and that can be
styled in many different ways. It is ultra limited with only 20 pieces available for each design. 
Kongstad Studio Living On A Budget