We created two air purifying paintings
Dreaming Of Remilk
"Dreaming Of Remilk"
Remilk is a young company with a mission to revolutionize the dairy industry. Through years of research they have found a way to make cow’s milk without cows. It's kind of mind blowing. They’re doing it with help from a process called precision fermentation where they have to basically ‘copy’ milk’s genetic composition and therefore can make it without cows.
Have A Bite Remilk
"Have A Bite"
The really good thing about it is that this way of making milk emits about 97% less Co2 than classic cow’s milk, takes up approximately 1% of space in comparison and uses less than 10% of the water amount. All that is to say that it is an incredibly efficient way to create milk and dairy, which is good because we need to feed more people and do it with less space, water and Co2 emissions.
We created two paintings for their offices in Denmark where we immersed their dairy universe in the paintings. To create the paintings we used an innovative paint from Airlite, which uses 40% recycled materials and reduces air pollution.
Nice views and clean air to breathe for Remilk’s staff. We’re sure they’re even better equipped to go change the world now.