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Exclusive collaboration of three art prints.
We launched an exclusive collaboration with Retro Villa of three art prints. At the launch, we held
a workshop where we talked about courage, body image, winner mentality and more. With talks from 
Mette Helena Rasmussen (owner of Retro Villa), Dorthe Kandi (editor in chief, Femina) and Cecilie Kongstad.
The workshop and following exhibition was attended by multiple awesome winners.
Kongstad Studio Retro Villa
Kongstad Studio Retro Villa Arena Three


The winner mentality is about attitude and focusing on the good by cultivating the winner within you. For example, did you give the shop assistant a smile today, even though you might have had a bad day yourself? Have you given a compliment to someone today? Or have you complimented yourself? (compliments are awesome - read about why here)

The winner concept embraces both bigger and smaller actions. A winner keeps working to improve themselves and the world. This is the concept that we portray in the three exclusive illustrations.

The fight for winner mentality happens in three places. We call these three places arenas. The first illustration is called ARENA ONE and portrays the first step in becoming a winner.



ARENA ONE - within yourself

If you love and respect yourself regardless of who you love, how you look or what your job is, for example, you have the perfect basis for being a winner in life. Only you, yourself, can process, better and change your own conception of yourself. And when you feel good about yourself and respect how you look, for example - no matter your clothing size, your height and so on - you are ready to step into arena number two.


ARENA TWO - you and your loved ones

ARENA TWO illustrates the relationship between you and your loved ones. Your close family, your close friends. When you love and respect yourself, you are able to love and respect your close ones for all that they are. When you treat them with dignity they will automatically flourish and your relationship will evolve and become a giving relationship for both of you. The two earthy spots overlap to illustrate the nourishing bond that you share. Your winning mentality will rub off on your loved ones and maybe even inspire them to start their own journey in becoming a winner. 

ARENA THREE - you in the world

The third illustration in the series shows you in the world. When you feel like a winner within yourself and in the relationship with your loved ones and when you stand up for who you are while respecting your close ones for who they are, the winner mentality will trickle out in the world as well. You will be sending all your winnerness out in the world and in that way inspire the people you meet on your way to be winners too. ARENA THREE is you in the world.

The illustration shows that what you send out in the world you’ll get more of. What goes around comes around. The good trickles down and what you send out not only comes back around, it stays with everyone you meet on your way. You can inspire and be a winner in the physical world, but social media is another awesome opportunity to inspire. With social media, we now have a unique way to inspire even more and we can reach people from all over the world.

I once read that if you have only one follower on social media you are an influencer. That’s it. You don’t even need thousands or millions of people following you before you are an influencer. So your winner mentality is as important as ever and YOU can make a real difference in the world no matter your number of followers. 

Kongstad Studio Retro Villa

The Perfect Circle

The series embraces three arenas that throughout life is a circular process - it repeats itself. The feedback you get from the world you use to better yourself. Everything you learn in the world and then process within yourself you bring into your relationship with your loved ones and in that way you, the winner, continue to grow, learn and better yourself. It’s the circle of winnerness!