Ville d'Arlon

We painted a mural on a kindergarten.
Kongstad Studio Mural Arlon Les CanaillouxKongstad Studio Mural Arlon
In collaboration with the city of Arlon, Belgium, we transformed the facade of the kindergarten “Les Canailloux”. “Les Canailloux” means “The Rascals” and is a reference to the children who spend their time inside the building. Situated on the city square, we are thankful to be able to contribute our ideas and art to Arlon and its citizens.
We chose these children as the inspiration for our mural; The future of Les Canailloux. The different elements represent a path or a part of a path that the children can take when they get older and go out in the world to explore, work and experience. The aim of the mural is to inspire the children to think about what they like and what interests them, thereby bringing them one step closer to finding their calling in life. A bee can be a que for someone who loves nature and can become a farmer or beekeeper, a train an inspiration for a train conductor or mobility expert and a superhero someone who wants to help others, perhaps someone who works in a hospital or with an NGO.
We hope to see all of the rascals contribute to a better future locally and globally in their very own way.