Label artwork for ‘Slippy’
VSN SlippyVinSuperNaturel Slippy

VinSuperNaturel, they call themselves an entertainment company fuelled by natural wine. It’s not exactly a direct introduction that gives you a clear image from the get go. But then again, they’re quite difficult to place in a box so it kind of makes sense. Their mission is to make natural wine more accessible and relatable, a cause we’re all for and happy to give our contribution to. We especially like to think that all the natural wine enthusiasts out there may start out being drawn to the exciting and romantic world of wine, but when you get into it, you start to ask; “what other stuff in my life could be made or processed in more natural ways?” It’s a snowball effect of goodness!

We got the chance to give our contribution to a ‘Domaine VSN’ wine that is a collaborative effort between VinSuperNaturel and wine scientist Hervé Chabert. Together with VinSuperNaturel we came up with the name and concept ‘Slippy’. When we tasted the wine it had some traits that lead the mind to think of soap - rather unique for a wine. Since the natural wine scene has a name for being open minded and intrigued by the extraordinary, we decided to zoom in on this special trait and embrace it. 

The wine is made from organic Muscat grapes and grown and vinified in the Languedoc region of France. It can at the time of writing be found on and in their physical space in Copenhagen. For every bottle sold, 2EUR will be donated to Familier Med Kræftramte Børn.