You Are Good

We created a series of artworks centered around the topic self love and self compassion. Some of them revolved around body issues and body positivity while others reminded you that there are
many ways to be smart.
Boobies Kongstad Studio
The project gave us the opportunity to visit a high school, Høng Gymnasium, where we taught a class on body positivity and held a workshop with the students. We asked them to draw pretty hair and pretty faces - unsurprisingly what they drew was not the same. This reminded them of subjectivity and that ‘pretty’ differs from one person to another.
Butts Kongstad Studio
The artworks were printed and sold by a selection of retailers such as Magasin, Illums Bolighus, Paustian, Colorful Living, Decorate Shop and
We have seen several of the artworks hanging in Danish hospitals and doctor’s offices.