The PLAY collection

Introducing PLAY. Our brand new collection full of colour, life and playfulness. 

“Remember when you were a kid? You probably loved to play around and try new things - bring your playfulness back, bring PLAY into your home”

With the PLAY collection we want to encourage you to play with colours, play with interior styling and play with your home decor. Notice the colours of your home, even if it is minimalistic, and take joy in the everchanging light of the day.

PLAY art print series

Colours affect your emotions and behavior. They evoke feelings such as happiness and energy. Especially warmer and pastel colours can have an uplifting effect on your mood. We’ve created an art print series beaming with playful colours so you can turn your walls into your private art gallery. The art prints allure your thoughts to that special time of night when the sun sets and lights up in yellow, orange, red and even lilac. They evoke feelings of intimacy, cohesion and comfort. Blending and balancing out the colours with the motifs.

play collection art print

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Along with the PLAY art prints we’re introducing six brand new colourways for our popular solid oak frames. Because why stop the colour splash when you can create something unexpected with a coloured frame? A great frame completes your art print and truly is the cherry on top for the final look. Our frames are FSC-certified and handmade with real glass which gives your artwork that final touch. 

kongstad studio frames

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One-of-a-kind PLAY CUSHIONS

With the PLAY collection we’ve also introduced a brand new category; cushions. And there’s a special story with these cushions. They are created from deadstock fabric and have been hand-dyed to give each one of them a unique look. When deciding how to source our fabric for the PLAY CUSHIONS we wanted to find a sustainable way without compromising on quality. They are originally created by Danish textile brand SemiBasic who worked with great quality fabrics to produce bed linens, pillows, blankets and more. The company is no longer in function, but still had some stock left - and that’s where Kongstad Studio comes into the picture.

Millions of tonnes of unused fabrics are sent to landfills each year so instead of creating new fabrics, we jumped on the opportunity when it appeared, to give these cushion covers new life. A sustainable way of introducing a new favourite into your life - because winners care!

The PLAY cushions are craftsmanship and sustainability. The perfect way to add a pop of colour to your sofa, your favourite chair or maybe on your bed?

In the Kongstad Studio home, we love to style them in our entry so you’re met with pops of colour right away when you step in our apartment. We also love the PLAY CUSHION LIGHT GREY in our vintage teak and leather chair that we’ve inherited from Cecilie’s grandparents. Oh and on our sofa and and and… Where do you want your PLAY cushions to decorate?

Since the cushions are created from deadstock material, they’re only available in limited quantities and cannot be reproduced.

play cushions

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Let there be light! The PLAY LAMP

A hand-painted statement lamp because colours and light go hand in hand. The PLAY LAMP is ultra limited with only two pieces available. The lampshade is made from ricepaper, then hand-painted and added a pink/beige fabric cord. 

Perfect for bringing light, life and colour to any lamp kongstad studio handpainted lampShop PLAY LAMP


Last but not least we’re introducing a new PLAY greeting card to go along with a nice gift.





Explore our new PLAY collection during 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen 3rd-5th of September 2020.

We’d love to see you at our pop up
event during 3 Days of Design
September 3rd-5th 2020.

Experience our brand new collection
PLAY styled and exhibited.

Find us at Poster & Frame,
Niels Hemmingsens Gade 6,
1153 Copenhagen.

3rd-4th of September 10 - 18
5th of September 10-16

Excited to see you!